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MangaWeb has gone open source

I have been working on a new version of MangaWeb lately.

The MangaWeb version 3 is now open source and available on GitHub!


You can also check out these new demo!


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Kindle Support

I bought a Kindle 4 recently and found out that the experimental browser is actually very usable.

So I decided to try Manga Web on it. It turns out that Manga Web is working on the browser without any modification.

I made some tweaks on this new version to support Kindle as well as some other new functions.


Please check out the new Manga Web 2.3.1 in the download section! Thanks!


New tutorials

I wrote up some more tutorial articles for more features in Manga Web.

Please check them out and discover those awesome features!


Manga Web 2.2 released!

Manga Web 2.2 is released!

Added some new functions.

  • Added DotNetZip library. Now Mac OS X version also support reading zip files. On Windows, zip file support is there without installation of 7-zip. However 7-zip is still needed for rar and 7z files.
  • Now Manga Web will remember which page you were at in manga list.
  • iOS device needs to add Manga Web to home screen before use.


Please check the Download section!


Updated articles in tutorial section

I've written up a couple of getting started guides.

They are now live in the tutorial section.

Please check them out. Thanks!


2.1.2 Released!

I made a small fix to remove dead links in the web app.

Also updated the standalone program for Mac to support Mac OS X Lion.

Please check the download page. Thanks!


New website

Finally I have time to set up this new website after the old website is down.

All tutorial and documentation is lost from the old website.

Please expect some delay for me to write up new articles.


Also Version 2.1.1 is released! Please check the download page! Thanks.